What are 
7 Principles Of MONEY

A straight-forward road map for managing your finances regardless of your income.

The Principles guide you through a process for understanding your income and how to use it.  The writing is easy to understand and follow.  Each book contains stories that show how others used the Principles and found success.  


Dennis R. LaPoole

The Advisor

Since 1998, Dennis R. LaPoole has been a licensed Financial Advisor and have practiced in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

The Author

7 Principles Of MONEY is the second literary attempts with the first in 2009', an adventure novel for young readers.  

The Student

It all started with practicing the Principles and making them useful in everyday life.  After years of drafting, updating and making them practical to this day. 

The Teacher

Prior to the pandemic that started in 2020', seminars at places like Atlanta shelters, high schools and religious organizations were provided at no cost in addition to free eBooks.


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